What Makes Us Different?

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Welcome to the Thriving Couples Model Page.

We welcome you to our Thriving Couples Model Page.  Dr. Bing has been using this Model in Marital Therapy a couple of years and has also shared it with colleagues.  He is now sharing it with a wider audience.  The Model helps couples and marital therapists understand how the couple is doing and where they need to start in the healing process to become a healthy, strong marital couple.

To get a better picture of the Model we’ve provided FIVE Different ways to learn about it:

1. As a Brief Explanation Online in a blog available here.

2. As a PDF Graphic:

The Graphic helps visualize the relationship between the concepts.   Click here to download a .pdf of the Thriving Couples Model

3. As a PDF Chart Contrasting Living As Roommates vs. Husbands and Wives:

The Chart lists the 6 levels of the Model from the point of view of Living as a Roommate  and contrasts that with Living as Husbands and Wives.  The difference is startling.  Many couples divorce before ever even living as husbands and wives!  How sad to divorce your roommate never even knowing what living as a husband or wife is!  YIKES!  Take a look at this chart!  Click here to download a .pdf of the Thriving Couples Hierarchy of Marriage: Roommates vs. Husbands and Wives.

4. As a PDF Narrative Explanation:

The PDF Narrative Explanation is the same text as is available in today’s blog so you can have ready access to it.  Click here to download a .pdf of the Thriving Couples Narrative explanation of the Thriving Couples Model.

5. As A Podcast:

The Model is explained in an one hour introductory podcast available here.

The Model arose after hearing from clients the stories of thousands of individuals and adults about their relationships.  Most of these were married.  Many were cohabiting or had cohabited before.  Others were single or divorced, some several times.  These people would tell me, often without prompting, the key elements that were missing in their marital or romantic relationships or the types of things they felt were important to making a marital relationship worthwhile.  The six elements of the Model are the six things these people brought up in sessions, over and over again.

The Model has six layers with two concepts in each layer.  The two concepts at each layer are complementary to each other and necessary to the complete understanding of that area.  For example, we can’t just communicate.  We also need to be able to solve our problems.  In addition, you’ll note that all of the concepts at each level are interactive and dependent on the teamwork of both spouses.  You don’t communicate alone or you aren’t affectionate alone.  This helps couples see the character of their Marriage depends upon both of them working for the common good of the family the two of them started.

If you are wanting to explore the Model in more detail, give us a call.  We’d be happy to help you work it through.  To contact us click here.