Out of the Blue

by | Aug 23, 2019

“Things are way more complicated than you are smart.” - Jordan B. Peterson (Podcast dated June 25, 2018 from Portland, Oregon)

Sometimes life is humming along and you are fine and you can handle whatever comes your way and then, BOOM!, something happens out of the ordinary and it’s very scary or worrisome or confusing and you feel a bit lost. That would be, like, normal. It happens to all of us. Not all the time, but once in a while, and you can’t predict it, and all of a sudden it’s there and what-you-do?

Hey, that’s where we come in. Sometimes it’s nice to get another perspective. Sometimes it’s comforting to be able to talk to someone that isn’t personally in the quagmire with you. Sometimes it’s helpful to be able to think out loud and to get feedback from someone who’s been through similar terrain with others and knows what and where the snafu’s are. Don’t be afraid to give us a call. 

Dr. Bing Wall

Dr. Bing Wall

Dr. Bing Wall is a marriage therapist with a practice in Ames and Urbandale, Iowa. To set up a time to see Dr. Wall click here or call 888-233-8473.

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