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Mental Health Therapist

Carol specializes in individual, couple, teens (ages 13+), and family counseling. She focuses on helping you find solutions to the many problems you are facing

Marriage Therapist

Carol is specially trained to help couples to reconnect with each other.

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Accepting TeleCounseling Clients Only

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19, many individuals and couples are unable to attend a traditional counseling appointment. This is why Carol is now offering online counseling to both individuals, teens, and couples so you can practice social distancing and receive the help at the same time.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential.

Many of us struggle in life because we get stuck in destructive habits and patterns that once were useful to us at one time but have since become problematic. Carol seeks to help her clients to solve these emotional patterns that keep them from reaching your goals.

About Carol Caskey. LMSW MSEd

“Can people really change?” That is a question I often hear. I understand that change can be scary which makes it difficult; we don’t want to abandon ourselves to become something unknown.  Instead, I encourage people to “grow.” Growing is a process that is familiar to us, we are just working to become better, stronger, happier and emotionally healthier.  Yes, we can work together to help you grow.

I enjoy meeting with individuals (both adults and teens) and couples to help them discover their path to emotional health.  Emotionally healthy people have a wide variety of emotions (not all of them pleasant). Emotional health can simply mean that people have learned they can cope with all their emotions and not get stuck in the difficult ones.



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Carol Caskey Counseling Specializes In

Marriage Therapy

I have received specialized training and supervision to help couples get their relationships back on track. Need help with communication issues? Do you need help healing from an affair? Are you just wanting to grow closer together? No problem! I can help your marriage to thrive.

Individual Therapy

I specialize in working with women issues in particular. I can help both men and women in working through depression and anxiety as well as making decisions and self-esteem issues.

teenager seeking counseling and a mental health counselor

Teen Therapy

Teenagers more than ever are needing help to process through the many changes going on these days. Carol has been working with teens for many years and brings a compassionate and skill-building approach to help your teen.

Carol’s counseling practice concentrations are in the following areas

Coping Skills
Marriage/couples counseling
Trust issues


Self Esteem


Anger Management

Making Friends

Family Conflict

Women’s Issues