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Marriage, Family, and Individual Counseling in Ames

Get guidance and insight at Ames Counseling Center. Our therapists are trained to help you see deeply into your life but also offer you straightforward advice when you want it. We will do more than hold your hand and say, “I understand.” We will speak to you openly and honestly and challenge you in ways others won’t so that you leave feeling more clear and empowered to live your life and become the best possible version of yourself.

Before you get started on your path of rediscovery, visit our list of frequently asked questions about the insurance we take and cost of our services.

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Meet Our Therapists

Dr. Bing Wall, LMFT

Dr. Bing Wall, LMFT

Bing specializes in couples and individual marriage counseling. In his 20+ years of counseling, he will work with you to find the customized solution for your situation.


Carol Caskey, M.S.Ed., LMSW

Carol Caskey, M.S.Ed., LMSW

Carol specializes in individual, couple, teens (ages 13+), and family counseling, as well as reconnecting couples together. She will help you grow to become a better, stronger, happier, and an emotionally healthier person.

Kay Foster, LMSW

Kay Foster, LMSW

Kay specializes in counseling adult individuals, perinatal mental health, and sports psychology to help improve your athletic performance. She is trained to use Somatic therapy EMDR to treat complex trauma.


Do you take insurance?

We currently only accept Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield. If you have a different form of insurance, you may be able to submit a claim for reimbursement. We do not accept Medicaid or Medicare at this time. Please give us a call at 515.233.8473 if you have additional questions about insurance.

How much does therapy cost?

We don’t like to discuss figures over the internet, but we are competitive and many insurances will cover a portion of the cost of therapy, whether directly or through submitting a claim. Please feel free to call us for details regarding your situation.

Do you take Title 19 or DHS, Crime Victims or other government subsidies?

We do not currently take these types of programs.

How do I pay for therapy?

Clients pay at the end of each session with cash, personal check, or credit/debit card. This also means you are responsible for the deductible at the end of the session if you are paying with insurance.

Do you have a sliding fee scale?

We do not offer a sliding scale.

What if we are struggling financially and cannot pay your rates?

We make referrals to agencies in the area who have sliding fees or take government subsidies.

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