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Ask Dr. Bing Podcast

Dr. Bing Wall announces the start of the Ask Dr. Bing podcast and invites his regular and new readers of his blog at amescounselingcenter.com to submit questions, creative date ideas or stories of you as a couple conquering obstacles that can be answered and shared on the podcast.  The Ask Dr. Bing podcast began Monday, May 23, 2011.  He hopes to post a regular podcast going forward.

The podcast will address topics similar to the ones on his amescounselingcenter.com blog such a issues around marriage, cohabitation, commitment, trust, affairs, pornography, communication, problems solving, fun, friendship, affection, in-laws, step-family issues, sexuality, children, money, housekeeping and keeping appropriate boundaries.  Submit your questions for Dr. Bing to address in the form below.

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